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Ivanteevka forest tree nursery
     Ivanteevka forest tree breeding and experimental nursery is located in Moscow region. Enormous (big) area (about 250 ha) has made it possible to have multitude of breeding products and more than 65 years experience is warranty of their quality.
     Ivanteevka forest tree nursery yields annually 2 million seedlings of tree and bush breeds, about 100 names.
Beautifully blooming and ornamental plants, their forms and cultivars planted here are very popular among landscape gardening professionals.
     We pay attention to planting the seedlings and small plants for amateur gardeners and horticulturists as well.
     Experimental and most unique works have been done by academician A.S.Yablokov on selection of hazel (Corylus). He and his collegue R.F.Kudasheva have bred and advised worth-while sorts for Moscow region and middle Russian territories: "Moscow Ruby", "Academician Yablokov", "Pushkino`s Red", "Tambov`s early-ripening", "Tambov`s late-ripening".

Ivanteevka forest tree nursery

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